Aimee Russillo Managing Partner, LiSeed Consulting


    Aimee Russillo is a member of a team contracted by RSPO to help develop the organization’s Theory of Change and Monitoring and Evaluation System. She has twenty five years of experience in international sustainable development. She works with supply chain, NGOs and government actors to integrate sustainability into operations, strategic decision making and more effectively managing for impact under real world conditions. Aimee has worked with a wide array of voluntary sustainability standard systems including Business Manager at Rainforest Alliance, monitoring and evaluation support of dozens of other standard setting organizations in the forestry, agriculture and tourism sector. She is long-time advisor to various assessment framework initiatives and evaluator of various international development projects including UNEP, FAO and the World Bank. Aimee is a skilled facilitator in bringing together diverse groups and interests for collective impact.  

    Based in US Appalachia, she has lived and worked in Europe, Latin America and Africa.  She has a BS in Business Administration from Virginia Commonwealth and a joint MBA-Juris Doctor from the University of South Carolina.