Bilge DaldenizProgramme Director, Proforest


    Bilge has substantial knowledge of agricultural commodity, biofuel and forestry standards (e.g. RSPO, FSC, RSB, RA/SAN) and worked with the standard-setting organisation Ecotourism Australia. She spent four years carrying out research at the Centre for Tourism in Islands and Coastal Areas, University of Kent (CENTICA) and six years leading multicountry research at an international consultancy. She has extensive experience in international development, including earthquake relief in Turkey, education projects in Senegal, study semesters in Togo and Mexico, and fieldwork in Southeast Asia, Latin America and Africa.

    At Proforest, Bilge is the Programme Director for our International Programmes, which encompasses our International Training and our Support to Sustainability Initiatives programmes. Her technical work centres on the development and delivery of training, facilitation of multistakeholder processes and direct support on sustainable production to agricultural commodity companies. Bilge speaks English, French, Spanish and German, and holds a BA in Politics and an MRes in Environment and Development from Lancaster University