Daryll DelgadoResearch and Stakeholder Engagement Program Manager, Verité South East Asia


    As the Manager of Verite Southeast Asia’s (VSEA) Research and Stakeholder Engagement Programs, Daryll Delgado designs, implements, and manages multi-country programs geared towards understanding and improving working conditions in the agriculture, electronics, apparel, footwear, and food manufacturing sectors in Southeast Asia, as well as, Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. She directs the Southeast Asia research team, and is principal investigator for Verité’s publicly funded research on forced labor and trafficking in persons. Daryll is a key contributor to Verité’s public toolkits and primers on various labor issues. She is an accredited lead auditor by IRCA, RAISE, and the EICC, and conducts social responsibility audits and assessments globally, and trains and manages audit teams throughout Southeast Asia. She is one of the Directors of The FAIR Hiring Initiative, Inc. Apart from work with Verité and FAIR Hiring, she is a journalist, a published book author, and a university lecturer.

    Daryll sits as an alternate member of the RSPO Board of Governors, and in the Advisory Board of the Dispute Settlement Facility. She leads the Labor Task Force and was a member of the panel that reviewed and revised the 2013 RSPO P&C.