Paula den HartogSenior Relationship Manager, UTZ


    Paula holds a PhD in Behavioural Ecology from Leiden University, The Netherlands. She has worked on EU fisheries policy, sustainability and certification for 6 years (2008 -2014) at the Dutch Fish Product Board, an umbrella organization for the whole fisheries supply chain from ship to shop.  In 2014 she joined UTZ to manage the RSPO account and support achieving RSPO’s mission of making sustainable palmoil the norm. UTZ is a program and a label for sustainable farming of coffee, cocoa, tea and hazelnuts. Traceability is one of the foundations on which the UTZ program is based. As well as tracing UTZ certified coffee, cocoa, tea, and hazelnuts, UTZ also provides customized traceability services to other organizations, such as the RSPO, that share common values and commitment to transparency, effectiveness and engagement.

    I am really excited to work with our partner, the RSPO, on its mission of making sustainable palm oil the norm by providing them RSPO PalmTrace to manage all their supply chain models.