Nienke StamSenior Program Manager, IDH Sustainable Trade Initiative


    Nienke Stam is Senior Program Manager at IDH Sustainable Trade Initiative, working on oil palm in Liberia. In partnership with mayor concession holders and the Liberian government, IDH develops an innovative program around investing in community oil palm outgrowers, connecting the investment to a long-term forest protection incentives.

    Nienke joined IDH in 2014, where she aims to develop new insights in how businesses, communities and government can cooperate to meaningfully deliver on zero deforestation commitments.  Prior to joining IDH, she worked as a consultant with Enclude and Triodos Facet, as well as in the private sector, promoting investments and partnerships to accelerate innovations in agricultural and clean energy supply chains. Nienke holds a Master’s degree from Wageningen University, with a specialization in rural supply chain development.