Video: RSPO’s 5th Annual European Roundtable

RSPO’s 5th European Roundtable focused on how we can make change possible and deliver on our commitments in three different but connected areas:

1. Addressing the issue of deforestation
2. Smallholders
3. Labour and human rights

As the conference takes place in Europe, the third-largest importer of palm oil globally and home to some of the world’s biggest brands and companies, the question is what can Europeans – industries, governments, NGOs and consumers – do in partnership to make sure that change happens in these three areas and beyond.

By addressing the problems which still exist where palm oil is grown, we strive to improve the credibility and trust in our commitments, criteria and certification. It is the role of RSPO to gather stakeholders and facilitate a dialogue to generate this positive dynamic between impact and credibility that makes change possible.

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