Anne RosenbargerSEA Commodities Manager in the Food, Forests and Water Program, World Resources Institute


    Anne Rosenbarger is the Southeast Asia Commodities Manager in the Food, Forests and Water Program at the World Resources Institute (WRI).  Anne has been based with WRI in Indonesia for the last six years, concentrating primarily on the links between sustainable oil palm development and forest conservation.

    Her most recent focus is on increasing corporate sustainability in the palm oil sector via Global Forest Watch Commodities, a dynamic online forest monitoring and alert system that unites satellite technology and open data to provide business-relevant analyses for better supply chain management. In this position, Anne works closely with companies from different regions across the palm oil supply chain, with government decision makers in SE Asia, with other civil society organizations, and with local community stakeholders. Anne has previously served as the co-chair of the RSPO Biodiversity and High Conservation Value Working Group and the Compensation Task Force and is a member of the Dispute Settlement Facility.  Prior to joining WRI, Anne conducted research on a range of topics related to tropical ecology and community based forestry management. She received her Master’s degree from the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke University.